Young Genius Jumpstart Integrated Program in IoT & Robotics(IORT)

Robotics L1- IoT L1- Robotics L2
This integrated course gives the child a head start in approaching his/ her future. In the present he or she lays the foundation on how the theory that she is learning in school is being applied – forever transforming her approach to learning. It provides an overview of the technology that she will be using and applying as she progresses in life.

Integrated Program in IoT & Robotics 

Robotics L1
is about creating/ building mechanical structures that can perform tasks (Like sweeping the streets or picking up loads more efficiently).
IoT L1 is about imbuing/ imparting intelligence to machines. And we are surrounded by IoT without even realising it.
Robotics L2 is about building  a smart bot using concepts from Robotics 1 and IoT 1,to solve real world problems.

By revising certain science and electronics concepts and by learning and practicing a 5-step process of logical problem-solving using technology and creativity, she will be able to go beyond what she is learning now and be empowered to deal with a variety of situations. She will also develop a hands-on approach sorely lacking in most schools today.

Overview -
Integrated Program in Robotics L1-IoT L1-Robotics 2 

      Academic Concepts
       Students are going to develop IoT and robotics applications using laws of Physics integrating with other sceinces like chemistry           and biology
  • Robotics L1 - Force, torque, mechanical advantage, work done, Newton’s first law (transformation of energy), Potential energy, Kinetic energy and Pneumatics.    
  • IoT L1 - Light and sound spectrum – reflection of sound,Electricity, resistance, conductivity, Ohm's law, Fleming's law, solenoid, electromagnetism.
  • Robotics L2 - Sound, Distance and speed calculations, 3 dimensional movement / displacement hence velocity/ acceleration, Right hand rule of torque and angular momentum – gyroscopic movement, Light (visible and invisible), Beer and Lambert's law -  Amount of light absorbed is proportional to the concentration of the light absorbing substance, Haemoglobin and its Oxygen carrying ability, Rate of heart beat/ Oxygen content
        They will learn to develop 12 real life applications of robotics and IoT
  • Robotics L1- Gears, Click Clock, Wind mill, Hydro power, solar power, Sail boat using gears, pulleys & levers
  • IoT L1 - Home security solution with motion sensor, automated door openings, smart lights, smart agriculture and road safety for the driver of a vehicles
  • Robotics L2 - line following robots, maze solver, a robot that remembers the way, a live streaming robot and even a gesture-controlled robot.