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    Technology is Everywhere, Where are you?
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    Is your child's education keeping up
    With the changing scenario of the World?
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    Technology Innovation is Reshaping the World
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    Empowering Innovators through Grovator

School- Young Genius Jumpstart Programs

How do students benefit from GROK 

The power of Applied Learning makes them industry-ready. With a sound knowledge of technology combined with their innovative
spirit, they will be ready to deliver innovative solutions that the world is looking for. This will ensure that students will be job-ready much before they get on to the job market. GROK will transform young minds to become innovators, job creators and wealth generators.

Power of integrated approach
to Applied Learning

The big difference between GROK and others is, GROK believes in an integrated approach to learning and innovation. This means, instead of learning bits and pieces of one vertical, say for example Robotics, you do an integrated learning by combining all the four streams – IOT, Robotics, 3D Printing and Data Sciences. This will give students an all-round exposure and understanding of applications in real world situations.

Don't believe us
GROK is now an integral part of learning across 50 leading educational institutions in India. GROVATOR is currently helping 15,000 students, and counting. Leading members of the corporate world are embracing the idea of Applied Learning and are making
it a part of their Upskilling and Reskilling projects. 

What students say

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