Young Genius Jumpstart Program
This foundation course gives the child a head start in approaching his/ her future. In the present he or she lays the foundation on how the theory that they are learning in school is being applied – forever transforming their approach to learning. By revising certain science and electronics concepts and by learning & practicing a 5-step process of logical problem-solving using technology and creativity, students will be able to go beyond what they are learning now and be empowered to deal with a variety of situations. It provides an overview of the technology that they will be using and applying as they progresses in life. They will also develop a hands-on approach sorely lacking in most schools today.

Foundation Program

IoT + Robotics + Product Design using 3D Printing

Integrated Program (IORT):

IoT + Robotics
Students will learn to develop 12 IoT & Robotics applications using laws of Physics integrating with other sciences like chemistry & biology.

Integrated Program

IoT +  Data Science
Humans today are generating 2.5 quintillion bytes of data each day at our current pace. Understanding how to collect this data and harvesting this data to help solve real life problems is a big opportunity.
This integrated course builds on the foundation of the practice of IoT and Data Science to develops complex applications to solve world problems.
IoT is the way data is captured across various applications.  IoT gives an understanding of how to enable automation in a stimulus-response cycle.
Teaching Data Science to kids is proven to improve their analytical, logical, and problem-solving skills, and improve their performance at school while preparing them for success in a data-driven future
The true power of Data Science is when you combine the collection of the data as well through the use of sensors and IoT. 

3D Printing for Product Design

Our Product design course using 3D printing brings technology into the art and science of product design.
Using mathematical concepts like volume, 3D geometry etc and combining creativity with logical problem solving, product design is given a new dimension. This is translated into 3D printing– the future of manufacturing, giving our young designs a jumpstart to the science of design itself. Here too, they learn and practice out step-wise process of logical problem-solving using technology,.It is almost as if she will jumpstart her education and future afresh.
This entire course gives you the foundation on which you can build your technology skills specializing in 3D Printing & Product Design. It is for anybody who wants to marry a logical mindset with creativity.