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What's the Competition About?

The Mission Innovation Competition is in sync with the National Education Policy (NEP) vision, emphasising experiential learning. This competition, which is a part of Mission Innovation Program, offers schools in Navi Mumbai an opportunity to instil a culture of innovation among students, unlocking their full potential. 

      How to Participate?

Students need to:

1)   Identify a real-world problem
2)  Use their critical thinking to ideate a solution
3)  Simply Fill out the Participation Form & Submit their Innovative Ideas.
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    Last Date for Registration:  December 20th, 2023
4)  Build the solution and present it at the Mission Innovation Competition

"Let your ideas shape the future and make a difference in the world."

Some Examples of Real-Life Problems

  • Managing Public toilets
  • Managing Public Gardens
  • Managing Street Lights
  • Managing Streets & Roads
  • Managing Public Health Care
  • Managing Education
  • Managing Encroachment
  • Adventure Spots
  • Managing Mangroves
  • Migratory Animals/Birds

Who Is Eligible to Join?

Participation is open to all schools in Navi Mumbai.

When is the Competition?

The Mission Innovation Competition will take place in January 2024.
Stay tuned for the final dates!

" Win Big, Learn More! "

Not only can you win exciting prizes, but
all participants will also receive well-deserved participation certificates.

100+ Teams are already Crafting Innovative Solutions.


Discover the Rewards:

Why Join the Competition?

For Schools:
Cultivate Innovation: Foster a culture of innovation.
Enhance Reputation: Showcase commitment to experiential learning.
Student Engagement: Increase relevance and dynamism in learning.
Skill Development: Equip students with cutting-edge skills.
Recognition: Gain acknowledgment for providing growth opportunities.

For Students:
Innovation Skills: Develop crucial hands-on skills.
Personal Growth: Unlock creativity and problem-solving potential.
Networking: Connect with a community of over 100 teams.
Prizes: Chance to win exciting prizes.
Real-world Application: Apply theoretical knowledge to practical challenges.
Enroll Today for a Future of Innovation!

Explore Mentorship and Resources

Within the framework of the Mission Innovation program, we've crafted a series of activities catered to school students. Students in Navi Mumbai schools will receive mentorship to apply academic concepts using latest technologies, including IoT, Robotics, Data Science & AI, and 3D Printing.

Throughout this period, hands-on learning sessions take place both at students' school campuses and at D.Y. Patil Centre for Innovation & Incubation (DYPCII). Following these sessions, in January, students get the chance to showcase their distinctive solutions under the guidance of DYPCII mentors.

Our mentors, adept engineering students from DYPCII, will make three visits to each school, offering invaluable guidance.
The mentorship team will continue aiding school students in transforming ideas into practical solutions capable of addressing real-world challenges.

Schools have the option to utilise our resources to bolster their solution-building endeavours.
   D. Y. Patil University will provide access to their Innovation & Incubation Lab, enabling students to create applications with the Grovator platform.
Alternatively, schools can opt for independent solution creation.


About Mission Innovation Program

The Mission Innovation Program, a dynamic alliance between Grok Learning, DY Patil Centre for Innovation & Incubation (DYPCII), and Navi Mumbai Municipal Corporation (NMMC) has unleashed a tidal wave of excitement across Navi Mumbai schools. The Program follows the principles of the NEP, placing a significant focus on innovation and skill-based learning. From its inception, this revolutionary initiative has not only fueled innovation but has also become a beacon of transformative change within the local community, setting the stage for a future marked by boundless creativity and progress. Through the GROVATOR platform, it imparts knowledge on cutting-edge technologies such as IoT, Robotics, Data Science, AI, and 3D printing.

What's our Mission?

Our mission is to cultivate the next wave of innovators, providing them with the essential knowledge and skills to thrive in our ever- changing world. Through our program, we create an environment that encourages exploration, experimentation, and excellence in the realms of technology and innovation.

How are we Achieving this?

1. Commencement of Student Training:
The training program started on October 27, 2023.

2. Local School Involvement:
Over 30 local schools in Navi Mumbai are actively participating in our

3. Empowering Young Minds:
The program focuses on empowering students, encouraging them to
embrace innovation.

4. Educational Transformation:
Partnered schools are leading the way in transforming education,
adopting innovative learning experiences.

5. Active Student Participation:
Students are actively engaged in experiences designed to foster
innovation, problem-solving skills, and creativity.