Young Genius Jumpstart Integrated Program in IoT & Data Science

Humans today are generating 2.5 quintillion bytes of data each day at our current pace. Understanding how to collect this data and harvesting this data to help solve real life problems is a big opportunity.
This integrated course builds on the foundation of the practice of IoT and Data Science to develops complex applications to solve world problems.

IoT is the way data is captured across various applications.  IoT gives them an understanding of how to enable automation in a stimulus-response cycle.
Data Science helps to analyse this collected data .Data Science teaches kids to obtain, clean/process, and transform data.

Teaching Data Science to kids is proven to improve their analytical, logical, and problem-solving skills, and improve their performance at school while preparing them for success in a data-driven future

The true power of Data Science is when you combine the collection of the data as well through the use of sensors and IoT. 
By revising certain science and electronics concepts and by learning and practicing a 5-step process of logical problem-solving using technology and creativity, the student will be able to go beyond what they learn  now and be empowered to deal with a variety of situations.

      Academic Concepts 
       Students are going to develop 12 real life  IOT applications using laws of Physics integrating with other sciences like chemistry and biology
  • IoT L1 - Light and sound spectrum – reflection of sound,Electricity, resistance, conductivity, ohms law, Flemings law, solenoid, electromagnetism.
  • IoT L2 - Light (visible and invisible), Conductivity , electro-magnetism, Beer and Lambert's law - Amount of light absorbed is proportional to the concentration of the light absorbing substance, Haemoglobin and its Oxygen carrying ability, Rate of heart beat/ Oxygen content.
  • Data Science L1 - Mathematical concepts like Mean, Median, Mode, Standard deviation, line graph, bar graph and histogram.
       They will learn to develop 12 real life applications of IoT and Data Science 
  • IoT L1 - Home security solution with motion sensor, automated door openings, smart lights, smart agriculture and road safety- obstruction detection
  • IoT L2 - Home safety, breath analyzer, oximeter, gesture controlled lights etc
  • Data Science L1 - Travel prediction based on traffic conditions (navigation), Covid 19 case prediction (Healthcare), retail store profitability (E-commerce), weather prediction. 
  • They will learn to collect data and analyze data to solve real world problems/ questions