Young Genius Jumpstart Foundation Program in
IoT, Robotics, Product Design using 3D Printing

This foundation course gives the child a head start in approaching his/ her future. In the present he or she lays the foundation on how the theory that they are learning in school is being applied – forever transforming their approach to learning. It provides an overview of the technology that they will be using and applying as they progresses in life.

Robotics L1  is about creating/ building mechanical structures that can perform tasks (Like sweeping the streets or picking up loads more efficiently).
IoT L1 is about imbuing/ imparting intelligence to machines. We are surrounded by IoT without even realising it.
Product design using 3D printing L1 describes the process of imagining, creating, and iterating products that solve users' problems or address specific needs.

By revising certain science and maths concepts and by learning and practicing a 5-step process of logical problem-solving using technology and creativity, they will be able to go beyond what they are learning now and be empowered to deal with a variety of situations. They will also develop a hands-on approach sorely lacking in most schools today.
      Academic Concepts
        Students are going to develop simple applications using laws of Physics and mathematics
  • Robotics level 1 -  Force, torque, mechanical advantage, work done, Newton’s first law (transformation of energy), Potential energy, Kinetic energy and Pneumatics, Pascal's law.
  • IoT level 1 - Electricity, resistance, conductivity, ohms law, Flemings law, solenoid, electromagnetism,  Light and sound spectrum – reflection of sound,
  • Product Designing using 3D printing L1 - volume, area, cartesian system, perimeter, angles and dimensions, shapes, number system, axis of symmetry, properties of triangle, vertices and edges, parallel and perpendicular lines, pythagoras and midpoint theorem.
        They will learn to develop 15 to 17 real life applications of IoT, Robotics and Product Designing
  • Robotics L1 - Click Clock, Wind mill, Hydro power, solar power, Sail boat using gears, pulleys & levers.
  • IoT L1 - Home security solution with motion sensor, automated door openings, smart lights, smart agriculture and for road safety for the driver of a vehicles.
  • Product designing using 3D printing L1 - 3D applications in the areas of Health, Fashion, Architecture, Interior design, Bottle cap – consumer goods