Data Science

Mukesh Ambani says “data is the new oil”. And the data scientists are the oil prospectors of today. Humans today are generating 2.5 quintillion bytes of data each day at our current pace. Understanding and harvesting this data to help solve real life problems is a big opportunity.

Data Science level 1 sets up the students understanding of basis concepts of data, data cleansing, sorting, simple analytics and predictive analytics in simple real life situations

Students will learn R, the universal language in data science and reinforce their knowledge and usage of the concepts of data science like Mean, median, mode, standard deviation data Visualization, Data Cleansing, Predictive analytics.

By using the practice of the 5-step process of logical problem-solving using technology, the student will be able to empowered even more to deal with a variety of situations.

       Academic Concepts

  • Data science L1 - Mathematical concepts like Mean, Median, Mode, Standard deviation, line graph, bar graph and histogram.


  • Data Science L1 - Travel prediction based on traffic conditions (navigation), Covid 19 case prediction (Healthcare), retail store profitability (E-commerce), weather prediction. 

Students will learn to develop ways to apply data science in predicting hospital beds being required in a particular area in the future, help take a business decision on the profitability of a store and hence evaluation of which store to close, predicting temperatures of a place