Cloud-based Robotics solutions development

 The Program equips the students with necessary physics concepts and mathematical calculations required for building Robotics solutions. It lays a foundation in advanced topics such as AI, Intelligent Automation, Self-driving vehicles, Autonomous systems, Cloud Computing, and much more.

Grovator™ teaches students-

  • To build Robotics solutions for new industry problems
  • Fundamental academic concepts through applied approach 
  • To develop analytical and problem-solving skills
  • Different business models through examples 
  • To present and articulate solutions to an industry challenge


Grovator™ empowers students and teachers with knowledge and latest technology tools to build cloud based Robotics solutions for -

  • Logistics and Warehouse
  • Rescue and Relief
  • Manufacturing
  • Healthcare

Tools & Infrastructure
  • Integrated Development Environment (IDE) - hands-on cloud infrastructure
  • Grok Circuit Designer - a software tool with drag and drop features to build a circuit
  • Python programming module 
  • Grok Block Designer - a ‘No code’ software tool to write a program using Python or Block programming 
  • Grok Robotics Kit - comprises microprocessor, RTC, Sensors, Motors and Relays. It supports protocols such as I2C, Serial, Analogue, Digital, Bluetooth, WIFI and SPI.
  • Approach enabling mobile connectivity to the Robotics solutions through cloud (AWS IoT).
  • LMS - Teacher training modules and student course material including slides and audio-visual resources.